2010 interior design trends of the imagination

Modern fashion, American pastoral, French romance, new Chinese "design style, Andrea darling of the 2009 design and decoration industries. But in 2010 you can bold prediction, design style will be "mashup, naturalism, new luxury" as the main theme.
Do not know since when, decorative fun decorative products appeared on the market. They get rid of old-fashioned ideas of decoration products, return a fixed, rigid coat, becomes vivid, full of the joy of living. Lovely spiral bed, let you know the bed turned out amazing; realistic basket, wastepaper Restores original appearance; Siamese fish tank, fish and aquariums achieve perfect unity. Indoor warm can also be full of fun and happiness. Just like DIY things, products can also be DIY. Indoor products producers caught consumers such psychological characteristics, gradually introduced a spirit of fun, features and entertainment products.
Speaking of mashups, people will think of fashion in the first place. In fashion circles, different styles, color, quality clothing match constitutes a mashup style. In recent years, this mashup is also followed on the clothing to home design, home design, you'll see different kinds of decorations, mix things together in different styles, patchwork and yet harmonious. Mix more be seen as personality and face of fashion. Because it highlights not only the master's master's home with more flexibility without sacrificing art. But mixing is not set, it also emphasized the harmony to mashup a mashup loses the significance of mashups. I suggest a mix of home design, avoid tone unknown, complex colors and accessories.
The elements of quality care most about is the new luxury, but do not care about the harmony of materials and textures, and deliberately distinct levels. Focuses not only on manufactured drama and contrast new luxury home furnishings style, more emphasis on design of spatial structure novelty, more performance-oriented home space.
Naturalism, undoubtedly is the best design style, it's not only in the selection of materials, shapes and colours on the positioning, but also in the planning and conception on the construction of space. Drink a cup of fragrant coffee, listening to soothing music, greenery outside the window, the owner's mood is so relaxed and calm, this is the desired effect of naturalism, true harmony between man and nature.
Exotic, is to let people at home will be able to experience the exotic feel. Whether amorous tropical is a noble style or Italian style, rich and diverse elements, strong, geographical and cultural atmosphere wonderful blend of art, the perfect combination of beauty and utility, ancient and modern, details show beautiful philosophy, brings fresh surprises for their families and themselves.

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