Decorating the ceiling of five different materials selection guide

Ceiling decoration, is the first work of renovation works. From the process, starting from the construction of the ceiling. Ceilings are often users and most designers and the contractors neglected place. Ceilings, also called ceiling or roof gate and ceiling, ceiling decoration materials are distinguished names based primarily on the ceiling, are: gypsum board ceiling, light steel joist gypsum board ceiling, plywood ceiling, shaped aluminum Strip lining ceilings, stained-glass ceilings and so on, all kinds of ceilings have different characteristics.
1. gypsum board ceilings
Plaster ceiling is plaster body raw material mixed with additives and fabric, with a light, heat insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and saw performance. Many scientific and commercial space, generally use 600600 specifications, Ariake and dark bone, keel iron or aluminum.
2. light steel joist gypsum board ceilings
Gypsum Board combined with light-gauge steel, constitutes a light steel joist gypsum board. Light gauge steel joist gypsum board ceiling gypsum board, gypsum panels, gypsum fiber Panel, hollow gypsum lath variety. Now, using light steel joist gypsum board partition wall are more used to do modeling smallpox is less.
3. the plywood ceiling
Clamping plate (plywood) is light weight, high strength, good elasticity and resilience, shock and vibration resistance, easy processing and finishing, insulation and so on. It can also easily create curved, rounded, all kinds of shapes, such as smallpox, but the disadvantage is that fear of termites.
4. the special-shaped strip of aluminum buckle ceiling
Now, most of home decoration is no longer using this kind of material, primarily because it does not stain-resistant and easy to shape. Square coated paint aluminum buckle ceiling easily dirty places such as, toilet use, is the mainstream product.
5. the stained-glass ceiling
This ceiling has a variety of graphic designs, interior lighting can be installed, but only with local decorative. Decorated with light-weight steel joist gypsum board ceiling or plywood ceiling, at the time of face paint, apply gypsum powder and sealed seams, and then sealed with Kraft tape paper hit bottom, paint.
Regardless of the decorated ceilings, should remember one thing: sealed! Keep away rats and cockroaches nesting in them.
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