Decoration "Rookie" required courses: choose paint basics

how many decoration in paint brand, and choose their own bedroom decoration styles are consistent, healthy and environmentally-friendly coating is a decoration home improvement issues of great concern. Buy home improvement coatings must pay attention to the following when purchasing method:
1, as far as possible to the reputation of the regular markets or stores to buy, mainly from the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision inspection results in recent years, sales of these enterprises wall paint sample rate higher.
2, when you purchase to identify marks on the packaging, in particular name, address, product standards, production date, expiry date and the product usage manual. Best buy passed ISO14001 certification and ISO9000 system enterprise products, Enterprise product quality is stable, there are no quality problems.
3, purchased in compliance with related product standards and environmental certification mark.
4, choose when you want to observe the product container for damage and signs of expansion. Shake when you purchase, check for cemented, if the paint is not purchased.
5, most often paint cannot open cans on the spot inspection of the intrinsic quality of the product, so consumers buying copies of the purchase invoices when valid documents and construction manual.
6, prior to use, first check the paint layer, bottom opening tags and cemented. After mixing, the if is still uneven coating, then this paint cannot be used, shall be settled immediately and coatings businesses to conduct negotiations.
7, paint is also a very important link, to be carried out strictly according to the product specification of requirements for construction works.
8 ventilation, construction, environment, such as product has special requirements for construction must be carried out according to the requirements.
Addition, can adjusting measures to local conditions select corresponding of paint, as people flow big of room should be selection resistance pollution, and resistance aging, and insurance color sex good of paint, as resistance dirt sex strong, and insurance sex color good of to Granville paint and NA, special within wall paint special for living room wall using; according to climate features, South should be selection moisture, and mold sex good of paint; North is should be selection resistance low temperature, and construction sex good of paint.

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