So summer renovation experts teach you how to reduce the loss of floor

Because the air is too dry or too humid in the summer two extreme weather phenomena, has not considered home improvement season. Many people think that spring and autumn is the Golden season of decoration, decoration in the summer, as long as the deal with problems that should be noticed, according to the normal construction techniques, construction process for each job, can also make you satisfied with the project. Living at home into your integrated all kinds of summer home improvement information, allows you to easily put on a comfortable nest.
Monitored to reduce the consumption
Experts suggest that to reduce the loss of tiles and flooring, must be grasped from the whole process links. On tile,, consumers best purchase qualified products, and and businesses agreed replaced conditions, as whether can fill, and return, and replaced, and claims conditions and responsibility,, once appeared problem also know how processing; addition in purchase Shi on tile size also to has consider, General 10-30 square meters of room, General Pu 600x600 mm of tile on line, without selected too big of tile, or loss more big. In order to avoid tile loss, and supervision. "Once workers laid tiles throw regardless, or broke, had to ask, to prevent waste. "
As to the floor, the owner buy a floor area measuring accurate room before, that you want to be aware of the floor area. Room size is 20.5 square meters, 5% then the surplus, to buy when buying flooring than 20.5x (1+5%) = 21.525 slightly more square metres of floor, if the floor space cost overruns, we should ask why so many more losses. If owners are concerned about fraud on the factory floor, or "not enough", in point inspection when goods, such as the total number of packets bought, how many of each floor is not assured, you can also measure the area of each floor, the length and width are standard size.
Owners can also be the overseer, in paving workers saw the floor so ask, why do you saw? Where is it? If it is a normal crop, workers must give a clear explanation or you can prevent the floor from paving workers saw bad; in addition, consumers can count the floors, figure out how much they bought, and how much, waste and how much, count the attrition rate.
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