Soft Assembly decorated three-way quick Mercure

"Soft Assembly decorated it takes up no room and brightens the room space, how much will just" most consumers hold similar ideas. Therefore, for soft distribution is going to like buy, see discount buy, select long time sorry buy walked out of the store empty-handed. Over time, was supposed to make up for the lack of space and decoration soft Assembly decorated hegemony have accounted for more than half of home, has become a failure.
Decorate your living space, why not? In this regard, the Accessories Designer, wanted to complete a perfect home, still need to be professional, but if you own good aesthetic level, and this hobby, also took the time to learn, there are a few shortcut can go.
Short cuts: the budget first and then purchase order, targeted the wrong
Views: 90 baby two soft with budgets up to 3000 Yuan a square meter
Professional accessories Division believes that buying soft Assembly decorated have a budget. For example, 90 sqm two, budget up to 3000 Yuan in software distribution. This kind of "budgeting" both to avoid the waste of money, to maximize and ensure soft blending effect. After the budget, trying to make a purchase order based on the love and practicability. In General, included in the purchase order of the top three products will account for 1/2 of your budget.
For example, the designers own purchase order to: lamps, decorative painting or background picture and colored cushions of different sizes. Which lamps most cannot make do, it of bad on you and the you family of health, and mood are has directly of effect; price does not high of painting class decorations, maximum of uses is to home set a main tone, even decoration have again simple, also can with a site background painting to performance himself not willing Playbill of determination; pillow price low, and select more, and uses and wide, absolute is soft distribution in the flexible of a member.
Cut two: soft furniture Assembly, to minimize the
Views: 800 custom spare set, easy dress up neat
Soft Assembly decorated a wide range, if you're a real activist, want everything useful in the House, it might as well equipped with soft money spent on custom extra-covers, alternate on the curtain fabric or carpet products. Try to make soft furniture Assembly, less independent. Because the 1/3 of these things at home to your sight, they change enough to make a change in your family.
According to the accessories Division introduced, selling everything the sofa or drapery fabric sofa sets can be customized, Sandy hair costs and processing fees on the cloth, usually two-seat sofa Slipcover is around 800. In terms of color, whether it is extra-covers or curtains, and are best compared with the original color, that is, warm and cool colors. In this way, we can change depending on the season. In addition, sewing products most likely dirty, replacement is also good for your health.
Way three: second-hand market small pieces of furniture, save money and fresh
Views: DIY used furniture can improve the ability of
To save money, don't ignore the second-hand market of furniture. Accessories Designer told me, eight bridges such as the furniture in the secondary market can really panned out in a lot of good, and lower prices than new 30% more. There are seven or eight new and used furniture, are eager to return or removal of foreigners and white-collar workers to leave. Businesses purchase cheaper, so the price is low, if the price is not satisfied, might be able to cut down. If you are lucky, a set of 70% new triple sofa 1000 won, tables and chairs and other items are also sold hundreds of Yuan.
But when he visited the used furniture market, don't forget the principle of "cheap things always have bad quality, good stuff is not cheap" philosophy. Could pick up real cheap, a good luck, if you don't compete, after all, is a bargain. Of course, defects also have defective outlet, wear and tear, fading or old furniture, DIY for further processing. For example, put wallpaper scraps cut bought second hand drawers on the drawer; has some fading of the second-hand table a coat of bright colors again; or give some wear on the back of a painting.
Expert Tip: look out kitchen and feature ceiling security risk
Kitchen features outside of decoration, ceiling, its main feature is the use of effects, especially for bathroom and kitchen environments space relatively narrow wet, its effects and safety performance is even more demanding. AO prao bath top experts remind consumers, in addition to the ceiling outside appearance should pay more attention to performance and safety of electrical appliances in the kitchen features ceiling. However, with the kitchen features ceiling industry exists alongside brand, counterfeit, unlicensed production enterprises, and therefore a security risk has always been there. Kitchen features ceiling is functional appliances such as smallpox and Yuba split mode. Suppliers mainly by the Yuba manufacturing enterprise restructuring, including OPP, Hua, in part from the traditional enterprise OEM electric way of smallpox and the rest by some cabinets appliances even Enterprise OEM racks into. Mixed bag ceiling market, consumers should carefully consider its pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service of professional level.
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