Renovation of common sense

Decorated in the best 100 small experience 2

31, lamp as far as possible take into account dual-control
Best splash-proof socket installed
Taking into account a socket
34, wire ducts to horizontal even vertical, lined, and easy to use
35, common flue install check valves
36, bought the appliance must let workers watch instructions
37, instruction manual and warranty card information must retain good
38, cement more than three months can not be used
39, the different varieties, the marking of cement should not mix
40, yellow sand must be used for River sand, with the mouth taste will know
41, wall and floor tiles over to soak in water for two hours, after the shade should be labeled
42, wall and floor tiles rather than buy a few more, not less, or prone to color
43, cannot have two rows of brick on the wall
Immediately after 44, clean the joints clean the ceramic tile
Posted 45, ground marble (light), the back of the stone to do waterproofing
46, corner office would like to cut a 45-degree angle
47, to incline to a floor drain, or easy to water
48, wall tiles meet the pipe mouth shall take the form of cuts, it seemed to be the entire block of brick
49, the ground should be dry-laid marble
50, be sure to stain-resistant, non-slip, not just to look good
51, Matt tiles clean up


54, after the big lumber bought saw dried
55, Carpenter's approach to playing the horizontal lines of the House
56, color Panel must buy a paint brush and again to prevent dirty
57, the ceiling fan cannot be installed on the ceiling joist
58, color Panel construction to pick up front
59, ceiling hanger bar away from the wall must not be greater than 300
60, gypsum board to use countersunk head self tapping screws, Access Board 1~2MM and antirust treatment, not * nail
61, shall not be greater than the distance between plasterboard nails 200
62 3MM of joints, gypsum board and the wall in order to crack
63, drywall corner'd
64, wooden door at the head of paint
65, bathroom door bottom brush waterproofing
66, door size should be the same
67, furniture, try not to let the wood do do do well
68, Cabinet try to buy whole, woodworking done bad, not design
In 69, the dimensions must be considered good, just more trouble to change a
70, make your own sliding door not to do dark orbit, no way after repairs
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