Renovation of common sense

Decoration of the most classic 100 experience 1

1 waterproof, waterproof coating is suitable for construction
2, waterproof construction completed and acceptance of project should be hidden after
3, waterproof construction after the completion of 2 storage tests do
5, floor drains, Yin and Yang, angle, pipe and other places a waterproof
6, floor drains and odor-resistant drain
7, hot and cold water pipes right cold
8 from the ground, water pipes and try not to go
9, protective layer of cold water pipes in the wall 1CM, hot water is 1.5CM, so Groove take it deep
10, with PPR is to consider stamped tile thickness, pipe does not show
11, just minutes to Cook, wash dishes for a long time, water must buy
12, taps and basin facilities, has not got a bad
13, toilet installation can not use cement, silica gel
14, toilet, faucet installation is completed to protect
15, from
16, drainage under the washing machine is draining but also to be considered are
17, best not to telephone in the bathroom, easily moisture
18, first consider the size of the mirror in the bathroom, or mirror lamp is easy to hold high
19, bathroom pipes are best left the manhole
20, strong electro-weak to wear
21, grounded on the right and left zero-phase
22, power outlet away from 300,
Do not install behind the door
Lot of 24, Jack should be good
25, 16A socket for high-power electrical appliances, such as electric oven
27, the cassettes must and panel support, or they may put up with
28, PVC tubes and wires the wire cross-sectional area of not more than 40%
30, air conditioning tilt outward to be considered, otherwise rain will come in

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