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Don't understand the decoration, can also be easily acceptance

Prior to that, home improvement industry in Hunan province although there are some similar construction manual, but in order to vividly sum up the culture, digital, standard concrete into every detail, the project construction is the industry's first standard Atlas. Interior decoration Association Chairman Yao Baolin said, Hunan province, with the increasing number of construction projects, many companies have not really every process, every procedure standards fully implemented, relying on worker experiences still exist.
Home improvement sector, set off a "standard heat"
Hunan home's "standard heat" for a long time. Beauty di decorative launched straddling home ISO9000 construction specification white paper Hou, and in province within first import has 6S GB engineering management system; points stone of European standard home ecological engineering management manual, and free home of ecological technology white paper; Apple of 5S construction management standard and "VSN engineering quality management system"; and hung Yang new launched of project construction standard figure set...... Standard innovation.
Home improvement companies all seem to look for the "enterprise-class standard" principle. They said that emerging standards, partly because of the high-end consumer owners have higher requirements for construction quality, making the "province" is not able to fully meet the market demand while on the according to the standard operation, efficiency can be greatly improved.
Yao Baolin, standard is a "good thing". Many of the reference standard and European standard to launch the enterprise construction standard, in parallel with the specification itself, and further promote the improvement of construction standards of the industry, from this point of view, for the time will soon come, "province" will also face a further escalation.
Nevertheless, hongyang home believes that construction standards in the market are not intuitive enough. "Construction workers can read, but very obscure for ordinary owners. "Moreover, most of the standard manuals a little" careless ", failed to completely cover the details, construction still leaves the" uncontrollable ".

In the traditions of the renovation process, because you don't see the process quality and material quality, consumers even personally supervising the construction, will encounter a sloppy process, bait and other decorating trick.
Reporter hongyang home improvement projects published by the new construction seen on the standard Atlas, Atlas contains two categories of home construction and renovation products, including demolition, wall engineering, ground engineering, top engineering category, including home building 72 147 pattern, decoration products 130 415 drawings of the project.
By base decoration drawing, digitization, standardization, making the process more transparent and more intuitive, even if consumers don't understand decoration can also control drawings in each phase of the inspection, inspection of construction quality, don't worry about the renovation process Jerry-building or shoddy decoration, such as a black hole.
At present, this Atlas has been as a basis for product standards apply to hongyang home decoration products in the course of construction, and was incorporated into the design and budgeting system. In this way, also brought home offers standardization: a different model, different product structure, the materials used are different, quotes the differences clear. Not only allow consumers to accurately understand each spend, understand paying, and according to the standard construction, according to the standards of acceptance, you can effectively put an end to construction contracts, and truly enjoy understand decoration.
According to Hong Yang Group President Jiang Weige introduction, which is hung-Yang of prefabricated wooden products catalogue and standard home the second after, the introduction of a classification of product standards. Next, hongyang prefabricated home products also will be launched and HVAC, electricity and other classifications, such as product catalogues and standards.
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