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1. color basics: interior designers according to the design concept, creating a space full of color, there is included the designer's color sense and aesthetic sense. However different colors can have a subtle influence on people. The psychological effects of color, and occur at different levels. Some direct stimulation, others by Association, which involves human perceptions and beliefs. Therefore, for interior designers, regardless of the level of effect can not be ignored.
2. personality: color is the native language of the subconscious, and colour evokes long forgotten memories and emotions. Don't ignore your feelings about color, because it is closely related to healthy emotions. When you select for bedroom decorating color, be sure to cherish your intuition, colorful melodies to do as you like, so that colors shown characteristics.
3.   color wheel: use the traditional color wheel can be simply describing the color theory, even when you are with the artist's purpose is not at the same time, this tool will also help you understand the basic principles of color use. Color wheel describes the red, yellow and blue colors, green, purple and yellow three colors defined. Each color has its own identity. These colors are complementary colors, red, green, Orange, yellow, blue, yellow and purple, each color balance, match will be very appropriate. Finally, between adjacent colors is called Color Harmony.
4. color: color can affect your sense of space and light, expression of hot and cold, old and new, or popular. Even the tiny tonal changes can also make the room look warmer or a little more lenient. Using light and shade of gray in the sense you can make small spaces larger, warm red, yellow and orange can make the room an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.
5. warm and cool colors: colors are divided into cold and warm shades, red and orange and yellow long-wavelength light, warm feeling. Blue and violet, giving cold sense of belonging to the cool colors. Sense of color brings a sense of weight, humidity, such as the warm bias, cool colors are wet, warm colours with a sense of imminent, while cool colors retreat far.
6. bright living room: living room lighting is usually very good. This is due to the leisure of the basic functions of the party in the living room, because people need a bright, open space. Walls and ceilings in the living room should be decorated in light colors, poor lighting living room furniture you can also choose bright colors.
7.   cozy restaurant: restaurant family dining Exchange place, dining is one of the most wonderful time of the day. Dining room decorated with warm colors that not only feels wonderful, and can increase appetite.
8.   quiet bedroom: bedroom is the place where they rest and sleep, so would be unacceptable confusion of showy colors, colors should not be too bright, simple harmonious colors should be selected in order to achieve the effect of quiet and comfortable.
9. Clean bathrooms: walk into a bright and clean bathrooms, can make people relaxed and happy mood; a chaos dark bathrooms make people depressed. Therefore the overall color of the bathroom should be bright and fresh, usually white or sky blue.
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