Renovation of common sense

Interior design fundamentals

1. space elements. Rationalisation of the space and give people the feeling of beauty is a basic task. To explore the new space-age, technology assignment, don't get stuck in the past of the space image.
2. Color elements. Interior color apart from the impact on the Visual environment, and also directly affects people's emotional, psychological. Scientific use of colour work, contributes to good health. Proper color processing which meet the functional requirements and can achieve beautiful results. Interior color in addition to abiding by the General rules of color, with the aesthetics of the times also vary.
3. Lighting elements. People loved the beauty of nature, used to convert sunlight directly into the Interior to remove indoor dark feeling and a sense of closure, especially light and gentle scattered light, making the interior space more intimate nature. Transformation of lighting, indoor more colorful, gives a variety of feelings.
4. Decorative elements. Indispensable to the interior space of the building components, such as pillars, walls, etc, combined with the function needs to be decorated, may constitute the perfect indoor environment. Full use of decorative materials of different texture, you can get thousands of finish and different styles of indoor artistic effect, but also reflect the area's historical and cultural characteristics.
5. Display elements. Furniture, carpets, curtains and so on, are the necessities of life, its form often has a display feature, most plays a decorative role. Both practical and decorative and should be coordinated, and the function and form of unity and change, so that indoor spaces comfortable and full of personality.
6. Green elements. Green interior design to be an important means of improving the indoor environment. Moving indoor flower plant wood, green and sketches in communication between indoor and outdoor environments, expanded sense of interior space and beautify the space has played a positive role.
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