Renovation of common sense

Light decoration into the modern decoration-led philosophy

As living standards improve, expenditure for personal decoration is increasing dramatically and personalized decoration by soft furnishings is the key to the realization of, so household soft furnishings is fast becoming a new fashion. "Light decoration, decoration" has become the main principles of the modern home. Advocating basic decoration simple, focus on decorative furnishings to work on, that is, reducing the use of hard decorative, increasing the consumption of soft furnishings. Consumers shift has always focused on the idea of hard sales decoration retail woes, but it also brings a new opportunity for development.
But traditional home stores have always been just focusing on hard sales of decorative, which involves very few varieties of soft furnishings, currently on the market only a few soft furnishings shop, real selling personalized products, large-scale operation of soft furnishings home store is very few. Therefore, home decorating week Marketing Manager said, in soft furnishings home store there is a huge space for commercial development in the area, if we can first made a breakthrough development in this area will bring a new profit growth point for the enterprise. The subtle changes of the market, many domestic home store is still in wait-and-see; but the smell of used foreign retail giants are galvanized, seize market opportunities. Has always been to hard decorative sales mainly of hundred housing first announced March soft decorative market, in joint strong suppliers of based Shang will put soft decorative accounted for stores sales area of proportion upgrade to 50%, and original soft decorative by accounted for its stores total area also not to 20%; as decorative industry boss of should be home insisted self design concept, increased on soft decorative products of design proportion; Taiwan home giant Teli housing to consumers on family soft decorative for DIY for selling, in national range within for wantonly expansion.
Soft furnishings for the home store to create a new opportunity for development, but also makes the home stores faced a new set of challenges. If hard decorating our home with the necessary practical function, then the soft furnishings are more showing the owner's personality and style. As living standards improve, people's demand for home more in terms of individuality and style, and only the soft furnishings to satisfy the market demand. Because it involves not only sofas, curtains, carpets, lamps, quilt cover, bed sheets and other everyday household items, defined also broke the traditional home d├ęcor, crafts, collectibles, furnishings and household plants, and cover to home decoration.
Due to the peculiar nature of soft furnishings home store faces a series of challenges in management, specifically embodied in these main areas:
First, the store location:
New home store is a one-stop soft furnishings shop was "soft" and "hard" decorate both? If it is "soft" and "hard" are, what their supposed to go with it? What the home store will face different challenges.
Second, the commodity challenge:
Because of soft furnishings relate to a wide range of items, a variety of materials, both in store merchandise management and operating costs will face a different challenge; in addition, the wide range of items, and taking into account various factors such as color, shape, soft furnishings store layout, how to match home store will be a major challenge.
Third, the soft furnishings home store managers, personnel's professional quality of service requirements will greatly increase, how to recruit or cultivate this talent will soft home store is a big problem.
Product design and innovation challenges:
Hard than decoration, soft decoration inexpensive, high frequency of repeat purchase, and there are stylish, innovative features and decided its short product life cycles.
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