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Purchase building materials for the new home must see tips

Consumers of building materials is not an expert, but a new home should be renovated, and had to force myself to be a connoisseur. To this end, introduces the reader to buy building materials of several "tricks", in the hope that consumer help.
Few Cheng
To save costs, and full knowledge of the building materials market, make plans to do several a few building materials city. When buying building materials, listed the building materials brand, take your time to pay, in the case of time, waiting for the sale of goods concessions.
Some brands of product price is very expensive, in addition to discounts when buying things, can also purchase samples to significantly reduce costs, you'll get brand guarantee. In ware, for example, samples and will not be displayed and lower quality, so suitable manipulation of the sample. For store renovation, replacement of new reasons, as some operators need to quickly dispose of samples at the scene, they hit at very low prices, emptying booth.
In addition, often see a promotional activity in the building materials Mall, that is, the same product when its price is higher than other businesses, the return of double post, now is good time to buy brand building materials. Brands in order to keep their brand in different supermarkets for price "fratricidal" for different markets opening up "different type" for the channel. Different models of the same brand products to different markets in order to ensure that each product is the lowest price in the market. When consumers are scouring the bargain purchase building materials, building materials must be on one of your own product type, size understand very carefully, otherwise the Tao is useless waste.
When buying building materials don't carry Designer
Many consumers think they know nothing about building materials, decoration, although the selection is "clear", but on the purchase of building materials also with designer or decoration to help a staff Committee that he himself, would not have been "cheated".
Designers and organizers sometimes and there is a tacit understanding between businesses, designer or fitter in his capacity as expert to recommend products to consumers, businessmen raise prices, bargain designer or fitter will help consumers, and consumers stand in the same trenches. When consumers turn to pay, perhaps the architects or organizers are working with businesses on the rebate issue.
Some businesses will give a designer or fitter a percentage of Commission, if they went to buy, the discount will be as low as 40 percent-50 percent, sometimes even 20 percent-30 percent, and this discount is not a consumer friendly, but into the pockets of designer or fitter, "understanding scams" has become the unspoken rules of certain building materials stores.
Sometimes, of course, organizers could not get the material benefits, will also mischief. Such as water spilled on the wood floor, wood floor made a mold, they shout when you install quality no, forced the owners to return instead to his designated merchants purchases. Although this loss, but consumers should also be qigaoyizhe to deal with.
"Fancy" building materials to get
Purchase building materials, like all of life, luxury decoration also has a simple, ordinary type, difference, so at the time of purchase of building materials, to lose. Generally, simple type decorative of selection range including: office room Pu floor or floor tile, paste wall paper, ceiling Shi paint or paste top surface paper, do angle line, and gypsum line, and played feet line, loaded straight plastic curtains box, wire laid, loaded plane switch and socket,; bath toilet seal tube, and modified dark tube, and Pu tiles, and wall surface posted tile, and ceiling, and loaded basin, and loaded spray bathing facilities,; kitchen Pu tiles, wall surface posted tile, modified dark tube, loaded water heater, range hood, retained original console and the original cooker frame.
These can be seen as fitting, on this basis, according to their interests and economic strength are properly expanded, for example, refitted kitchen or a kitchen cabinet, bathroom with coloured ceramic washbasin, in select luxury and simple there is no uniform standard, by the consumers themselves. To cite an example, ceilings can "eat" the money, because sometimes you want to style your reasons tend to waste a lot of raw materials, which role is to the edge of the ceiling itself, to hide ugly pipes, beams, and if in the absence of such indoor ceiling pipes, beams, beyond that it is purely simple decoration.
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