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Use greenery decorated fresh air

Newly renovated House, there's always something or dense or light smells, how to remove the smell, a lot of ways, the best way is to ventilate the room.
The smell of paint: new paint on walls or furniture, there is a strong smell of paint, to remove the smell of paint, you only need two pots of cold saline, indoors, a day or two of paint would, inter alia, onions can also be soaked in pots, too. In addition, decorate the House plant to help remove odor Remover available.
If I choose to put some new plants, more help to purify the air. So placing plants right? Here recommend several smoking plant
Spider plant: it is understood that a spider plant also known as "folded cranes", not only in appearance, and adsorption of toxic gases is particularly good. A pot of Chlorophytum 8~10 square metres is equivalent to an Air Purifier in the room, even without the decoration of the room, a pot of Chlorophytum comosum also very beneficial to people's health.
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera will absorb the smell, and there is indoor landscaping effect, a long time.
Cactus: most plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day, at night, on the contrary. Cactus, Tiger Orchid, Sedum, Aloe Vera and spider plants are absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. These plants are very easy to survive.
Christmas tree: now available on the more popular large plants such as Christmas trees and camphor trees, they can release a fresh gas, one spirit of joy. Christmas trees are also called "cinnamon". Must pay attention to the soil when you buy this plant, root and soil combined with compact plants, on the contrary was planted. To choose when buying potted plants, potted plants are localized, easy to survive.
If you want to get rid as soon as possible new homes the pungent smell, you can also use lighting plants. Upon light irradiation in plants, life is particularly strong, photosynthesis is strengthened, and released several times more oxygen than no light conditions.
In addition, we usually put greenery in the bathroom at home, can also be adjusted to achieve air, eliminate odor effect. Best pot plants in the window, or put a vase into 35 flowers can bring a refreshing feeling.

1. plants with absorption of formaldehyde role, such as spider plants, such as Aloe, Agave, mother-in-law;
2. absorption of benzene role plants, such as Ivy, sago Cycas;
3. plants absorb trichloroethylene, saxifrage, Daisy, tequila, etc;
4. absorption sulphur dioxide plants, such as roses and rose;
5. dust collection plant, such as sweet osmanthus;
6. sterilization of plants such as Mint.
Here the reader is: plants can purify air, but also limited removal of harmful gas. If you simply rely on plants to absorb the flavor of the room clean, want to place a number of different types of greenery, after quite a long time to bear fruit. Indoor odor when preparing plant will also be smoked to death; must be promptly replaced. This is not economic, so the most effective way is to open the window and blew out the best open fan, add potted plants-assisted, inter alia, will naturally evaporate over time. If poor Windows can go and buy some activated carbon can also go to the market to rent several purifiers, or go online to find rental packages do governance, cost hundreds of pieces done.
In addition, you can use rice vinegar place the indoor combined with a certain amount of water into the basin, and odors; you can also buy some well-known brands of agents to capture the Interior odor of formaldehyde.
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